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mothers matter

Mothers’ Day

For NN Insurance you’re the one that matters. That’s why we created our Life path program, which gives medical and financial help to mothers fighting breast cancer.

We know, that every mom is irreplaceable. And this year on Mother’s day we wanted to surprise them in a really special way.

In most cultures people inherit their father’s surname. Every time they write it down, introduce themselves or get to know someone, this indicates that they’re his child.

So on mother’s day we started the Mothers Matter campaign, and in a YouTube video we asked people to temporarily take up their mother’s family name on Facebook, to show their bonds with their moms. And people did change their names, creating a chain reaction and melting many mother’s hearts.

With zero budget and no media support it took only 24 hours to show more than 28,000 YouTube viewers how to surprise those, who matter the most. Our moms.

The video