We embrace change as a thrilling opportunity to rethink, redesign, and transform businesses for the better.

We have a Team that brings decades of experience and skill sets to deliver speedy and agile solutions and avoid long-winded agency processes.

We have a Team with proven results on both sides of the client – agency matrix that have all thrived in an ever-changing communication environment across countries, industries, cultures.

We are a partner for you when you need:

1. a change in thinking and efficient use of your resource both people, time and money

2. a change in your business dynamics and quick solutions that help you try new and forward-thinking ideas without corporate drag

3. a kick-start in your process and change how you work in the future

Alex Szenassy
Founding Partner

David Kovats
Managing Director,
Founding Partner

Andras Kallos
Strategic Director

Melanie Seymour
Founding Partner

George Lengvari
Founding Partner

Nicholas Hughes
General Counsel